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Our Business Consulting Services

We help you solve problems!

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Business Applications Consulting

There are hundreds of software applications designed to handle myriads of business tasks. We can help you find the right apps to make your business run more effectively.

Tablet application

Paperless Office Systems

If your business is still handing out often-photocopied paper forms to gather information from clients and staff, there’s a better way: e-forms. Get good data and save space.


IT Consulting

We can evaluate all of your computer systems, networks, wi-fi, AV, and their security and provide solution if needed. After all, nothing else works if your computers are down.



FishBytes is a small, local business and we stay close to home. We’re here when you need us.

Email Us 24 / 7

Time Management

Repetitious tasks and outdated systems cost you time and money. Let us help you save them.

HR Systems 

Managing staff is another time sink for most businesses. We’ll help you do it better, faster and right.


Can you find the documents you need when you need them? We’ll design a document management system that works.

Operational Efficiency

We can help you get the systems in place to make sure your business is functioning at peak efficiency.

Security Consults

Security of networks and data systems should be a great concern these days. Let us patch your holes.


Optimal systems are useless unless you and your staff are using them correctly. We’ll make sure everyone is trained.